Get that smile.

You don't need to be fit, fast or even a runner to join intraining Couch2 10km. You just need a little courage.


Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could run 5km non stop… WAIT… What if you could turn that 5km into 10km? 

A structured program and friendly environment is all you need to go from Couch 2 10km.



This is the first step to reaching your goal and running 10km non-stop.

Nervous or unsure?

Meet some of our lovely runners just like you

On that first session, I dragged my teenage daughter along to keep me company, but she was too fast so I plodded along with four great ladies travelling at my snail pace. Four months later these same ladies inspire me & support me at every training session. and runner.
It takes courage to run, but everyone can do it”

- Donna Buckley (2016 Couch 2 10km and half marathoner)
I was hesitant at first. Turning up to training with ‘real’ runners was worrying, especially thinking that I wasn’t fast enough (my first run was 800m).The coaches and runners were so welcoming and helpful. I enjoyed every minute of it and have been coming back ever since”

- Catrin Way ( Couch 2 10km graduate and half marathoner)

Still unsure? Have a chat with one of the coaches for free.

Why join intraining Couch210km?

An endless support network and 13 week structured training program to get that runners smile

Support network

Everyone needs to start somewhere and with someone. intraining Couch210km provides a structured training program, helpful seminars and endless support portals through facebook and personal contact.

Training groups

Every Monday and Wednesday there are dedicated beginner training groups across Brisbane. Our trained coaches are here to help nurture you through the process from intraining Couch 2 10km and beyond.

Bonus inclusions

When you join the intraining Couch210km program, you get all the benefits.

  • Membership to intraining club
  • 10% discount off footwear
  • 10% discount off podiatry and physio
  • Plus much more...
How much does it cost and how do I sign up?



The intraining Couch210km program is designed to help you go from the couch, to 5km, 10km and then… beyond.

You will be nurtured from the level of running and walking you are at now towards your goal so one day, you can have that smile you see on so many runner’s faces.


A supportive place for you to find your running legs and running smile.


Able to keep you focused on having fun and reaching your goals.


Run by supportive coaches who are dedicated to helping you achieve your own personal goals.